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Living In Interesting Times

“May you live in interesting times ” goes the ancient Chinese curse.  For many people, things seem to be spinning into a new chaos where civility, kindness and the truth are no longer valued and have been replaced with avarice, and greed and self dealing at the highest levels of society and government.  Interesting times, […]

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A Mean Spirited Roadhouse

The spiritual path is not complicated. It is the quest to create an ever flowing river of unconditional love for oneself and others; to keep our hearts open when they want to close. A simple path in description but profoundly difficult in execution. We are fortunate that many  wonderful and sublime teachings  are available to […]

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The Waking Up Accelerated Program

You have probably noticed that there have been no posts on this site recently. My apologies. I am working on an online course called the Waking Up Accelerated Program. This is a BIG project and is taking up my time. I have had to learn many new programs and systems to make this a reality. […]

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