Awareness, Acceptance & Inner Peace

I was leaning into the future. As a result I had developed a headache. My blood pressure, no doubt, was up. Lost in my stories, I had lost my connection to my inner condition. Quite suddenly, I became aware of my state. I had obviously been unaware of this rising tension for at least an […]

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What About The “Real” World?

Yesterday, at a Waking Up book signing event, I included a short talk. I was very pleased when a skeptic of so called “self help” books (who stated, quite honestly, that he had not read my book) asked: “This is all very nice, but what about the real world?” This is a great question because […]

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This is it!

The other night Babbie and I decided to sit out in the yard and watch a few planets as they lined up with the moon. It was a beautiful night, quiet and serene. Just as we settled into our comfortable chairs, a couple of neighborhood dogs started barking.

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